Neil McArthur – Talks Manchester with The Invested Investor Podcast


The Invested Investor

Chairman and Trustee of MTT dropped in for a chat with Peter Cowley of The Invested Investor to talk about all things Manchester and MTT. The Invested Investor is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to improve the journeys of startups by educating angels and entrepreneurs to make fewer mistakes, work better together and produce more successful exits.

Peter Cowley, the founder of The Invested Investor, was UK Angel of the Year 2014/15 and has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs and is on the board of seven startups. The Invested Investor has a wealth of content based on real war stories of success and failure from Peter and from many other angels and entrepreneurs, interspersed with lessons on numerous themes such as pitching, hiring & firing, choosing entrepreneurs & investors and handling both the dreamed-for positive exits and the all-too-common failures.

"Manchester has so much going on, but not enough of it is visible - Manchester has managed to get the reality above it's hype. It's a marketing problem."

Neil McArthur

Neil and Peter discussed the origins of MTT and the need for Manchester to better sell itself both nationally and internationally as a tech centre. Neil further discusses the work of MTT with Manchester’s academic institutions in how the academic sector can better support the local tech ecosystem. The universities in Manchester do not have the same integral role that is true in Cambridge and other successful clusters, the trust is working with these institutions to better connect them with local entrepreneurs and tech companies.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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