Beacon Capital

Beacon Capital are a seed investor at the heart of London’s tech scene. Their focus is new media, digital, e-commerce. They have some notable successes. If you are prepared to move to London and think in terms of MVP’s and Pivots, then they are worth contacting.

£500k – £2m

Any sector, and any geographic area.

Business plan only, Product/Service ready to launch, Making early sales

London Co Investment Fund

“We are an investment firm based in London’s Silicon Roundabout cluster. Formerly known as AngelLab, we are a VC fund operated by a team of experienced technology investors with successful track records in business building, engineering and funds management. Beacon has invested in 29 companies whose market value grew over 4x in 3 years to over $300m. We are focused on start-ups building transformative technology for enterprises. We make our entry investment at a very particular stage: post seed and pre-Series A. The companies we invest in have strong recurring revenue potential. The majority of Beacon’s 29 investments to date have been enterprise tech related. Where there are exceptional factors, Beacon can make investments outside of these core themes.”

The following are must haves for Beacon:

  • Target addressable market greater than £500m
  • Well balanced founder team incorporating technical and execution ability (a CTO with a founder level equity stake is strongly preferred)
  • Some validation of product/market fit

Each case is different. Depending on the material provided by founders, we aim to issue termsheets 3-6 weeks after first contact. It is particularly helpful where founders come prepared with comprehensive material on their addressable market. It takes at least 2-3 meetings for us to decide whether to issue a term sheet. Termsheets are issued when we believe Beacon and the founders can work well together. We do not ever issue termsheets “speculatively”. Our term sheets are subject completing our due diligence. This can take 2-4 weeks. The time it takes to close a transaction can vary greatly depending on the level of due diligence information prepared in advance by the founders.

Example companies


An online tool that helps you get your invoices paid on time. It enables you to automatically send the polite persistent chasing emails to your customers that are the key to getting paid on time.

Neighbourly is the social platform that connects local projects with people and organisations who want to help. We do this by breaking down traditional barriers to finding and giving help – neighbourly is a friendly network of companies, individuals, charities, councils, institutions and community groups.


Flypay launched in 2014 as a simpler app that let diners pay for meals online, without having to hand over credit cards to a waiter. Since then, it has rolled out support for over 100 locations in London, as well as other features. Flypay customers can also use the app to order food, meaning that they never have to talk to a waiter again.