Connect Ventures

Connect are a London-based firm focused on internet and digital companies across Europe with international scope. Run by smart founders who have run VC backed businesses as well as working for the likes of Amadeus and Doughty Hanson, they are looking for smart, disruptive technologies.

£200k – £1m

Internet, Mobile, Digital Media

Business plan only, Product/Service ready to launch

Connect Ventures currently manages capital on behalf of private investors.

“We help founders build product-focused businesses, starting from finding product/market fit through to scaling up. As an independent and focused team, we are able to move quickly and give our portfolio companies the time and attention they deserve.”

They look for product focused teams who have found a painful problem and an elegant solution to that problem. We like teams who show real grit and are willing to fail in order to eventually succeed.

Internal investment committee

Example companies

Secret Sales

A members only shopping club offering prices on over 650 designer brands at up to 70% off.

Why they invested

“We invested in Secret Sales because we really liked the team and it has good investors backing it. We felt it would be good for us to be investing with quality investors like that. Plus there are some specific skills that we are able to help out with, for example in areas like CRM and analytics. We see a valuable role for us there.” – Bill Earner, Managing Partner, Connect Ventures.

BERG Cloud

Our mission with BERG Cloud is to make it as easy to develop hardware as it is to develop for the web.

Why they invested

BERG Cloud provides solutions to the common problems of connected devices, allowing the user to focus on what matters; product innovation and user experience.