Crowdcube are the largest of the new breed of peer-to-peer investment platforms. Originally raising money from individuals, they are increasingly used by institutional investors as well. Crowdcube reviews propositions carefully and only a minority are listed. Your chances are greatly increased if you have an existing investor already signed up and have raised 50% or more of your funding target before you list.

£50k – £2m+

Any sector, and any geographic area

Business plan only, Product/Service ready to launch, Making early sales, Funding for growth.

Equity-based crowdfunding, with 2 types of investment: equity, or minibonds.

Each Entrepreneur creates an online Pitch explaining their business and what they aim to achieve with the investment. The Pitch will include 2 key numbers:

  • The Target Amount: the total amount of money they wish to raise and invest in the business
  • The equity offered and the percentage share of the business they are offering in return for raising the Target Amount Entrepreneurs then promote their Pitch to potential Investors. Investors then invest money in the Pitch and over a period of time (30 days is the maximum time available to raise the investment required) investments accumulate until the Target Amount is reached.

When an entrepreneur successfully raises their target amount, Crowdcube will deduct a success fee of 7% (exc. VAT) from this. To register for a Crowdcube campaign, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Are a registered UK Limited company (not an LLP or Sole Trader)
  • Are not wanting to raise funds for a business involved in gambling, betting, e-cigarettes, anything of a sexual nature, property development or film making/theatrical productions

There are also Payment Processing Fees, which are deducted by the payment provider (Stripe) when the raised monies are transferred to the Entrepreneur.

Fees are based on which country the payment card is registered in and are 0.5% for UK, 1% for Europe and 2.9% for ROW.

Example companies


Using our 70 years of storage expertise to help thousands of customers across the UK live a bigger life, one box at a time.

Why they invested

“Raising over £1.5m on Crowdcube was a transformative experience. Having an army of supporters behind us meant we could go for growth with confidence.” – Steve Folwell, MD. 


The world’s first Intelligence driven, self learning email and messaging platform.

Why they invested

“The exposure has been great. It’s meant a community being built around our company and product.” – Jordan Fantaay, Co-Founder.

Taylor St Baristas

Chain of London-based coffee shops.

Why they invested

“Crowdcube gave us the opportunity to offer our customers and supporters a safe, efficient and robust platform through which they could invest in Taylor St”– Richard Shaer, CEO.

Suitability for a mini-bond: Crowdcube take a thorough look at your financial position, including your trading history and projections, the industry you operate in and your plans for the future to determine whether we think you would be suitable for a mini-bond. You must also be a UK registered company.

Suitability for equity investment: You will need to provide a business plan, financial forecasts for the next three years and a video pitch that clearly explains the investment proposition.

Wool And The Gang

Wool and the Gang, a global fashion brand, is disrupting the traditional business model by empowering customers to produce fashion at home. Replacing the factory with the strength of the maker movement means sustainably produced fast fashion.

Raised £1.01m from 492 Investors on the platform.