Dawn Capital

Dawn are experienced London tech investors, most interested in cloud, software and consumer internet projects. Dawn’s 2nd fund of c.£30m was closed in 2013, with £7.8m help from the British Business Bank. They will do start-ups but much prefer to come in at the point where revenues are starting to grow rapidly. To catch their attention for a Manchester-based start-up, you need not have a business track record but they will be looking for something exceptional about the opportunity.

£100k – £5m

Fintech, Consumer Internet, Infrastructure, Mobile and Tech Enabled Services.

Business plan only, Product/Service ready to launch, Making early sales, Funding for growth.

Provides equity funding for small and medium-sized enterprises to enable them to grow.

There is nothing outwardly common among our entrepreneurs. Some are college drop-outs, several couldn’t wait even that long, whereas others have graduated from leading institutions.

We have backed veteran entrepreneurs as well as first timers. Immigrants and nationals.

Contact the member of Dawn Capital (via email) that you feel would be best suited to assess your company, and include an executive summary of your business.

The firm prefers to appoint a director to the board of its portfolio companies.

Example companies

Property Partner

Property Partner is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to invest in residential property at the click of a button, opening up property investment to everyone. Twelve months after launching, the platform boasts more than 6,000 investors who have invested more than £24m in over 170 properties.

Why they invested

Property Partner further benefits from the network effects of liquidity on both the primary and secondary markets. The thesis is that the platform with most liquidity will win. Being first with the most money behind it, and the most media and public attention improve the odds of that being Property Partner.


An SaaS company making products smart by connecting them to the web. Companies use the EVRYTHNG platform to manage  heir connected products, make product operations smarter with real-time tracking analytics, and help their customers connect to products in a smarter way.

Why they invested

“As companies connect their products they need help analyzing and managing the huge amount of information produced and driving new applications and services. We believe there is significant value in the enterprise space addressed by EVRYTHNG’s unique and powerfulsoftware-as-a-service approach.” – Haakon Overli, General Partner, Dawn Capital.


The industry-leading software for call center, inside sales and telemarketing operations, with 3 million+ calls and 100,000+ orders handled each week.

Why they invested

“LeadDesk’s rapid growth in the Nordics has truly impressed us. In fact, it is effectively the industry standard in its home markets. Their
services have outpaced the competition in features and user experience, while delivering significant productivity gains for their customers.” “We are excited to join the team to further accelerate their growth and take the LeadDesk offering to new markets.” – Haakon Overli, General Partner, Dawn Capital.