Deepbridge Capital

Deepbridge was founded by senior IT and investment professionals with experience in US and European public markets. As such they have an international focus and are interested in exceptionally high growth projects. They have made a few venture investments and have said they are looking to increase their NW venture activity.

£500k – £5m

Asset-backed renewable energy projects and technology growth investment

Product/Service ready to launch, Making early sales, Funding for growth

None – EIS arranger for High Net Worth Individuals

Deepbridge is able to provide funding in various formats including Venture Capital, EIS Investors and IHT Investors. Each investment type brings with it respective benefits and drawbacks. The Deepbridge team will help you decide what type of investment you require and will then help you obtain it.

  • Deepbridge Tech Growth EIS / Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS
  • A significant market need – A potential to create new market segments or displace existing market offerings
  • A clear and realistic path to commercialisation – Robust intellectual property
  • A committed and engaged founding team – A clear business plan with defined commercial objectives
  • An organisational plan to deliver the defined objectives.
  • NOT already raised cash through EIS or VCT
  • Requiring funding for growth and development

Upon receipt of a proposal they will usually provide initial feedback within a week and suitable opportunities will be assigned an Investment Manager to support the investment process further. The Investment Team meets weekly and all investments are passed by the independent Supervisory Committee.

Example companies

AlgaeCytes Ltd

Developed a patent-protected proprietary strain of freshwater algae that can produce Omega 3 in a sustainable manner, thus offering an innovative replacement for rapidly-depleting fish stocks.

Resonant Software Inc

An innovative adaptive business process suite of software to assist financial institutions, such as insurance companies and banks, to comply with their growing regulatory obligations under Solvency II and the Basel Accords, as well as other capital adequacy, liquidity and reporting regulations.

Why they invested

High Growth opportunities which appeal to their international network of investors.