Forward Partners

Forward are steeped in e-commerce business and a really good partner for an early stage venture in that space. Their ‘office hours’ open door is a great way to make contact and get some smart feedback. They prefer founders with domain knowledge, but invest at the idea stage - provided the idea has a big opportunity ahead of it.

£200k – £400k


Business plan only, Product/Service ready to launch

The venture arm of Forward Internet Group, investing funds from their own balance sheet.

“We provide entrepreneurs a unique combination of investment, people, robust methodologies and office space. Our team can help find product-market fit, the first customers and the first hires.”

Within ecommerce, Forward Partners look for the following themes: – Companies with amazing products building their brands predominantly online – Companies building strong brands around new buying experiences – Software companies building tools and services for the next wave of ecommerce leaders We often ask founders to capture their ideas in a Business Model Canvas and then discuss the Canvas in workshop format to tease out key assumptions and get a feel for working with each other. We are also looking for opportunities where we can actively help the entrepreneur with our in house product, design, development and marketing experts. It’s helpful if we can understand the problem, market landscape and the proposed solution. Even at idea stage we expect the research to be solid.

First contact with an entrepreneur over email, preferably with a short overview (pitch deck or one pager) attached so Forward Partners can evaluate. If they think the company may be a good fit, a first meeting will be set up. – The first meeting is a chance for the entrepreneur to share their vision, customer understanding and their own capability. Forward Partners would usually go through a pitch deck and the questions at this stage will be looking to build a high level view of the opportunity. In advance of the second meeting Forward Partners often send through some specific questions that would help them understand the opportunity better. This gives the entrepreneur a chance to research additional material and prepare accordingly. There’s usually at least two members of the investment team present at the second meeting. After the meeting the investment team will discuss whether to progress to the final stage of the decision process – the workshop session. The entrepreneur is asked to prepare in advance a lean canvas that states all of the key assumptions on one page. Within a day or two of the lean canvas workshop they’ll be discussing whether to make an offer or to pass on the opportunity. Using the output from the lean canvas workshop Forward Partners ask the entrepreneur to present a proposal of what the first 2 months look like. – Deal closed. Forward Partners aim to take 8 weeks from first meeting to money in the bank.

Example companies

Lost My Name

A personalised picture book for kids that combines “the power of storytelling with the possibilities of technology”.  RightClinic : Find and book the best clinics online. Snaptrip : The UK’s biggest last-minute self catering provider.

Why they invested

“When assessing investment opportunities we look for great team, great product, attractive market and momentum. With ‘Lost My Name’ the team, product and momentum pieces were easy.”


“Health and beauty services are still a backwater on the internet, and there is big demand for a business that can address this. RightClinic helps customers decide what they need and where to get it. We’re delighted to support Ganesh and the team in their ambition to become the online destination for cosmetic and optical treatments.”


Matt was a second time entrepreneur who had a wealth of experience in the holiday lettings industry. His hypothesis was that consumers were moving towards last minute bookings and there was a gap in the market. With no team and no technical expertise Matt was planning to find a team and build out some product before starting to raise some seed money. Our unique model allowed him to get started straight away.