JamJar Investments

Being the founders of Innocent carries huge cachet, so Jamjar can take their pick of consumer-focussed early-stage investment opportunities. Huge value-add, but not easy to convince them you are the next Innocent.

Consumer brands – it is what they know and love!

“Adam, Rich and Jon set up innocent drinks from a market stall in 1999 and 15 years later sold it to Coca-Cola for north of $500m. When we were raising venture money everyone said no. Eventually one angel gave us a break as he believed in us and our concept. JamJar exists to do this for the next generation of entrepreneurs where we believe in both the team and idea. Our bottom line is we are entrepreneurs first and investors second.”

They like to say yes to a consumer brand with:

  • A strong team
  • More than one person, with the right skills to deliver
  • Each person has a track record of making great things happen
  • Honest, open and of the highest integrity
  • A hot idea
  • A simple, compelling proposition that consumers love (the more evidence the better), Could be a £100m business one day, that has a net positive effect on the world. By making people happier, their lives easier or helps them save time

You also have to be located in Europe at stage Early (seed, series A) or very High growth (later stage) Early: More than just an idea: you have a plan and you are making it happen. High growth: Still room to seriously grow the buisness, requiring investment of, £150k-£1m per round, with the ability to follow our money if relevant

Internal investment committee

Example companies


3 words per spot, a better system than coordinates for mapping the world


Personalised stationery

Babylon Health

App that allows you to monitor every aspect of your health and get help from a doctor when needed.

Why they invested

“We believe healthcare is a sector where technology will enable the delivery of better services at more affordable prices, both in developed and developing markets. We have been impressed by the initial success of Babylon and look forward to building a global leader in digital healthcare over the long-term.”