MMC Ventures

MMC invest money from high net worth individuals under EIS, but are long established with a wide base of funding, making them effectively an institutional investor. They are London-based but do have one investment in the North West. They become interested in a company once it has reached an “inflexion point” where sales become regular and start to accelerate.

£500k – £2m

Technology – Business Software, Fintech, Digital Media, e-Commerce, Business Services.

Making early sales, Funding for growth.

EIS Fund, Syndicate, Growth Generation Fund, BIR Fund, Enterprise Capital Fund, London Fund.

“We look for impressive teams who are building innovative high growth businesses, using technology to change or create markets. We invest in businesses that use software, the internet and data to shake up large markets, transform supply chains, create new customer experiences or reduce the cost to sell or serve.”

Example companies


The StoryStream technology allows marketers to utilise real-time curation and analytics tools to seamlessly push relevant and personalised content across any customer channel. Storystream has won several important clients, including Volvo, Thomas Cook and Porsche.

Why they invested

“The complexity of managing content has increased dramatically over the last few years. Brands now have to create and manage a lot more content of their own, and make sure they are getting the most from the content their customers are creating. “At the same time, they need to interact with their customers across many more channels. StoryStream reduces this complexity and in doing so allows brands to tell more engaging and authentic stories. We have been very impressed by what Alex and Neil have built together and we are excited to invest and to help them realise StoryStream’s potential.”

Bloom & Wild

A mobile and online florist with a fresh approach to sending flowers. Their aim is to make sending flowers as simple as sending a text message, and receiving them as easy as receiving a letter.

Why they invested

“We’ve been particularly impressed with the approach they have taken to applying technology to creating a perfect gift experience for flower lovers. The MMC team have significant experience in supporting and helping to scale on-demand businesses, so we’re excited to start working closely with the team over the coming months.”


Reevoo helps brands turn the voice of the customer into business value through independently collected user generated content.

Why they invested

“This investment round is testament to what Jonathan and the team have achieved over the past 12 months and will help them solidify their market leading position. Reevoo’s metrics are best in class and we’re super excited about their product innovation plans”

The fund is open to all early-stage UK businesses that meet the definition of an SME. Successful companies will be expected to demonstrate a number of characteristics, including:

  • Strong growth potential, preferably with the ability to become a market leader.
  • A management team with a proven track record and senior-level experience within the sector.
  • Having a clearly defined niche within a fast-growing market.