Oakfield Capital

Not an early stage venture investor, but a useful private investor if you have a profitable business and are looking for a combination of growth equity and possibly capital to release outgoing shareholders.

£50k – £10m

Business support services; telecoms and information technology; oil and gas infrastructure; consumer and leisure; healthcare; property and related services; Internet services; financial services; media; travel; mobile telephony; and software.

Business plan only, Product/Service ready to launch

£20m private equity investment fund.

“Oakfield Capital is a private equity firm that invests in small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. We partner with management teams, providing capital and expertise to grow successful businesses that can deliver significant capital gains through operational improvement. We are active owners and invest our own money in each deal, aligning our interests with those who invest alongside us.”

Oakfield seek out, through our direct network, businesses that have non- strategic owners, are under utilised or under invested. They avoid new ventures, biotech and unproven technologies. “We invest in SMEs whose potential has not been realised, perhaps because they have non strategic owners or the wrong capital structure. These businesses are like diamonds in the rough their intrinsic value is high but many of them need to be reshaped and polished to realise that value.”

Example companies

Freedom Brewery

Freedom Brewery is the longest established microbrewer of craft lager in the UK.

Why they invested

Freedom Brewery’s management team has extensive experience in the UK beer market. Oakfield’s investment will be used to double Freedom’s operating capacity and to ramp up sales and marketing.


Ingresso provides technology-centric ticket distribution, sales & marketing services to venues, promoters, online retailers & ticket agencies.

Why they invested

Ingresso has the potential to bring huge efficiencies to ticket distribution. The combination of an experienced team, leading edge technology which is globally scalable, and strong financial backing will allow Ingresso to continue establishing a powerful new player in an “exciting market”.


Coryton Advanced Fuels operates a world-class bonded fuel blending plant specialising in bespoke fuels and storage services.

Why they invested

Rationale for investment:

  • Orphan in-house asset purchased from BP at an attractive price. – Significant investment made by BP prior to acquisition into state-of-the
    art plant and equipment.
  • Invested alongside highly qualified MBI team.
  • Strong asset backing through land and facilities provides downside protection.
  • Niche market with high barriers to entry.
  • Potential to develop sales to third party customers (previously solely supplied BP)