Octopus Ventures

Octopus is a London-based, established VCT manager who also have EIS funds. They typically invest sums of £1m and upwards in businesses with established revenues and investments in earlier-stage companies are not that common. That said, they do offer “office hours” meetings to all comers.

£1.3 billion fund

“Our Ventures team is always on the lookout for talented entrepreneurs and exceptional businesses. We look for people with great ideas and great business opportunities that need our help.”

EIS/VCT compliant companies, which covers most early stage companies up to 7 years old.

Internal investment committee.

Example companies


Amplience enables retailers & brands to create & distribute rich engaging commerce experiences across all digital channels, driving conversions & reducing costs.

Why they invested

With today’s consumers expecting nothing less than a perfectly seamless experience across all retail channels, Amplience is perfectly placed to enable retailers to cater to this customer demand.




Shopa provides an online social marketplace where shoppers can share their preferences – creating data for both customers and retailers alike. It describes itself as a “next-generation” e-commerce app.

Why they invested

Shopa is raising the bar in terms of monetising personal recommendations, with it’s unique focus on social, whilst also providing customers with more of what they want.


Spiralite ductwork delivers energy and cost savings in heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations, helping future-proof buildings.The Spiralite® patented technology is up to 40% more energy efficient than traditional metal ducts due to its virtually airtight construction and efficient shapes.

Why they invested

Octopus are always looking for businesses with the capability to disrupt and dominate a market, and Spiralite are looking to do this in the insulation and ductwork industry.

Big Health

Big Health is a pioneer in “digital medicine.” By automating evidence-based, non-drug solutions like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Big Health is making them as scalable and accessible as pharmaceuticals. Gold-standard clinical trials demonstrate that Big Health’s programs are extremely effective, leading to a majority of sufferers achieving good mental health.

Why they invested

“We’re dedicated at Octopus to backing unusually talented teams. In providing funding to Big Health, this will assist the company with its aim to help more people than ever before and also move its product further into the mental health space. We’re delighted to support the growth of the Big Health team.”