OCP are not to be confused with Oxford Technology. OCP invest UK-wide but as a growth investor are much less likely to consider pre-revenue companies. With a minimum of £500k, their typical investments will be into companies already trading or with clearly referenceable upside.

£500k – £2m

Communications, Healthcare, Software.

Product/Service ready to launch, Making early sales, Funding for growth.

“We provide Growth Capital investment to small companies from a range of industries, helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses in their chosen markets. And we invest in Infrastructure, providing finance to companies that own and operate revenue-generating infrastructure assets.”

We review the business plans of around 1,000 companies seeking investment each year. Following initial analysis, our team meets with around 10% of companies, before the most promising are selected for detailed due diligence. Only about 15 companies per year will reach this stage of our investment process. We spend time getting to know the entrepreneurs behind the business, analysing their financial projections, and assessing their market potential. If we are ready to invest, our investment team will draft a detailed investment proposal. The final investment decision is made by our Investment Committee, which includes external members.

Example companies


A leading provider of long-term data safeguarding and data usability solutions, today announced that it has successfully completed a £3 million funding round.

Why they invested

“The entrepreneurial management team at Arkivum have made great progress in recent months as they build out the business into new industry sectors. This funding round will support Arkivum as it continues to introduce its technology to new potential customers.”


Intent HQ

Intent HQ’s software analyses social media data to personalise websites for individual visitors.

Why they invested

“Its software-as-a-service business model provides a reliable and growing revenue stream and low cost integration with the customer’s infrastructure. The company’s management team has an outstanding track record and we believe it has the vision and skill to ‘win the market’ for audience intelligence and deep personalisation.”


Kobojo develops free-to-play video games for phones and tablets, generating revenues through in-game purchases.

Why they invested

“Kobojo is a rising star in mobile gaming, a sector that shows tremendous potential. It has transcended geographical regions and achieved success in America, Europe and Asia. The studio’s deep experience in all levels of game development, particularly in mobile and core gaming, position it for strong growth in the future.”

We look for high-growth businesses with certain characteristics. These include:

  • Strong management teams.
  • Products or services which are innovative and valuable to target customers.
  • High margin, capital-efficient business models.
  • Potential for international growth.
  • Large, fast-growing or uncontested markets.
  • A clear route to a profitable exit.