Oxford Technology

Lucius Cary is the grandfather of UK early-stage investing, an investor since 1983. Oxford Technology is most interested in “hard science” businesses, spanning biotechnology, medical devices, ICT hardware. They will invest early if needed, providing proof of concept funding. They have ventured outside the Oxford area but only for an exceptional piece of technology.

£100k – £300k


Business plan only, Product/Service ready to launch, Making early sales

OT(S)EIS Fund, Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Capital Fund

“Oxford Technology since 1983 has specialised in making and managing investments in start-up and early stage technology-based businesses with high growth prospects. The OTM investment team are all scientists or engineers by background, and understanding the technology is the starting point for any investment that we may make.”

Attract new investors. Most importantly, surgeons have been enthusiastic about using the technology since it has the potential to dramatically improve outcomes for their patients.” The Investment policy of Oxford Technology Management is to construct a portfolio of investments with the following characteristics:

  • Unlisted, UK based, technology businesses
  • Investments typically in the range of £100,000 – £2,000,000, although it can then invest similar amounts in subsequent rounds In most cases located within easy reach of Oxford to allow a more ‘hands on’ management strategy
  • It is expected that approximately half of the funds will be invested in early stage companies (those which have achieved some initial sales) and the balance in start-up companies which are at an earlier stage.

Each of the two Managers, Lucius Cary and Andrea Mica, will be involved in sourcing, evaluating, investing, helping and exiting investments. Investment decisions will only be made with the approval of both Managers.

Example companies


Europe’s first computerised three-dimensional assessment for preventing the types of overuse injuries that affect 50% of runners.

Why they invested

Jessica Leitch, Founder of Run3D, has a proven track record and extensive experience in this field. As well as having a DPhil in the biomechanics of running, Jessica is also an international runner, having represented Wales, and is the “perfect person to provide a service to runners which, by analysing their gait in never-before-achieved 3D detail, will be able to help them to run better and to avoid injury”.


BioMoti seeks to transform the treatment of cancer by targeted delivery of therapeutics to the intracellular space of cancer cells; aiming to dramatically increase efficacy whilst reducing side effects.

Why they invested

Ovarian cancer remains a major problem and BioMoti’s approach offers the possibility of a substantial improvement over the current methods of treatment.

Lightpoint Medical

An innovative medical device company dedicated to improving health outcomes for cancer patients through image-guided surgery. The company’s ground-breaking molecular imaging technology, based on Cerenkov Luminescence, has the potential to detect cancer in real-time during surgery and thereby reduce the need for repeat operations.

Why they invested

“In Lightpoint’s case, the technology has worked. More grants have been received than initially hoped. It has been easy to