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Mercia Technologies Mercia Technologies

Mercia is a Midlands-based manager of EIS funds, which made a
statement in 2014 when it raised £70m via an AIM listing. They are
growing and a good investor for early stage companies looking for sub-

Mercia Technologies

Merseyside Special Investment Fund Merseyside Special Investment Fund

MSIF are a Merseyside investor. They will occasionally look at deals in Greater Manchester, but with a bias towards later-stage companies, with growing revenues and a clear path to profitability.

Merseyside Special Investment Fund

MMC Ventures MMC Ventures

MMC invest money from high net worth individuals under EIS, but are long established with a wide base of funding, making them effectively an institutional investor. They are London-based but do have one investment in the North West. They become interested in a company once it has reached an “inflexion point” where sales become regular and start to accelerate.

MMC Ventures

NW Business Angels NW Business Angels

NWBA run pitching events for their network of angel investors. They work closely with sister organisation the Angel Co-Investment Service.

NW Business Angels

Oakfield Capital Oakfield Capital

Not an early stage venture investor, but a useful private investor if you have a profitable business and are looking for a combination of growth equity and possibly capital to release outgoing shareholders.

Oakfield Capital

Octopus Ventures Octopus Ventures

Octopus is a London-based, established VCT manager who also have EIS funds. They typically invest sums of £1m and upwards in businesses with established revenues and investments in earlier-stage companies are not that common. That said, they do offer “office hours” meetings to all comers.

Octopus Ventures

Oxford Capital Partners Oxford Capital Partners

OCP are not to be confused with Oxford Technology. OCP invest UK-wide but as a growth investor are much less likely to consider pre-revenue companies. With a minimum of £500k, their typical investments will be into companies already trading or with clearly referenceable upside.

Oxford Capital Partners

Oxford Technology Oxford Technology

Lucius Cary is the grandfather of UK early-stage investing, an investor since 1983. Oxford Technology is most interested in “hard science” businesses, spanning biotechnology, medical devices, ICT hardware. They will invest early if needed, providing proof of concept funding. They have ventured outside the Oxford area but only for an exceptional piece of technology.

Oxford Technology

Passion Capital Passion Capital

Passion capital, as the name suggests, are enthusiastic investors in early-stage projects and prepared to work with young entrepreneurs. That said, they remain highly selective and are looking for global. Check out their portfolio and infographics over on their website.

Passion Capital

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