Passion Capital

Passion capital, as the name suggests, are enthusiastic investors in early-stage projects and prepared to work with young entrepreneurs. That said, they remain highly selective and are looking for global. Check out their portfolio and infographics over on their website.

$129M Enterprise Capital Fund (ECF)

“Passion Capital is a partnership of entrepreneurs and operators applying their experiences to helping founders and early-stage teams build great digital media/technology companies. They are Stefan Glaenzer, Eileen Burbidge and Robert Dighero.”

The rules of ECF funds allow for most mainstream UK-based early stage projects.

Before Passion Capital sign the paperwork and transfer the money, they have to do some basic due diligence on the company and also on you, the founders. This includes anti-money laundering checks and having you complete a Founder’s Questionnaire. They also want to see that all of the company’s relevant employees and freelancers have signed employment or similar contracts which make it clear that the company owns all of the intellectual property that’s been created for the business you’re building.

Example companies


Adzuna is a jobs search engine that operates websites in 11 countries. The website aggregates job, property and car ads from several hundred sources.

Why they invested

The Passion Capital team met Doug and Andrew [Adzuna’s founders] very early on before they had started the business and were extremely impressed by their understanding of the market and focus on what needed to be done. “Given their outstanding track records, it was an easy decision for us to invest” – Robert Dighero, Co-founder of Passion Capital.




Coinfloor is the UK’s bitcoin marketplace combining a professional exchange with a consumer friendly market.

Why they invested

“One of the reasons we were keen to partner with Coinfloor is because from the very start they have been committed to rigorous KYC/AML electronic and manual checks, and would be prepared if the UK FCA and HMRC ever decided to regulate this space. As a London-based VC firm we’re actually very optimistic about the opportunities related to Bitcoin and decentralised currencies available to non-US startups.” – Stefan Glaenzer, Co-founder of Passion Capital.


DueDil is the largest source of free private company information in the UK and Ireland. DueDil enables anyone to identify, compare and screen potential suppliers and clients, target potential investment opportunities, benchmark the performance and growth of companies, build sales leads, check the solvency of prospective partners, discreetly monitor competitors and more, alongside social network integration.

Why they invested

DueDil has democratised and transformed the business information sector by enabling any individual or business to access up-todate information on all companies and directors. Business information is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s changed little in decades. In particular, DueDil is enabling small and medium-sized companies, which represent 99% of all businesses, to access rich insights and information.