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Many of the steps in starting-up are common to all companies; getting a logo, building a proof of concept web site with explainer video, sending out your deck to potential funders, getting in touch with your first customers, keeping a track of them on a CRM or via a support desk.

A host of services exist to help start-ups present their big idea to potential funders and clients. We’ve assembled a package of unique offers for the most appropriate services and products that will help you present your business idea/product professionally or increase the productivity of your team, enabling you to grow faster.

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Capsule CRM Capsule CRM

The smart, simple online CRM for small businesses. Enjoy 2 months free of our professional plan – 2GB storage per user, up to 50,000 contacts, unlimited opportunities and cases. Use code NPH2MONTHS
Capsule CRM

Cindr Cindr

A super simple website builder for smart people. $1 for first month

Circle Loop Circle Loop

Get the smart online phone system - completely free for the first month
Circle Loop

Curve Curve

Built for Freelancers and Small Businesses, Curve connects all your cards into one Mastercard® with an app that helps you spend, see and save money across all their cards, at home or abroad – all in one place

FlowXO FlowXO

The chatbot platform that helps you build bots for business or brands, with over 100 integrations. Chatbots work on Messenger, Slack, Telegram, web & SMS. No code visual editor and built-in analytics. One month free on our paid plan.

IT Farm IT Farm

Fully managed cloud hosting for secure access to your files and applications from anywhere on any device. Up to 3 months free.
IT Farm

Twine Twine

For logos, decks, explainer videos £50 off your first Twine creative freelancer hire.