MTT CASE STUDY - Made With Glove

20 January 2016 - 10:00am

Michelle Hua formed MadeWithGlove, UK wearable technology company based in Manchester.

The wearable tech pioneer left her job as a lawyer for the Australian government to start the business, which featured in the Onalytica top 150 brands in Influential Tech and was a finalist in the 2014 Innovate UK Wearable Tech competition.

Made in Glove’s first product is to be fashionable heated gloves for women, prototypes of which have been developed with Lancaster University after Michelle won a wearable tech hackathon at Manchester Science Park.

The heated element will be enabled by sensors embedded into the fabric which can read biometric data and turn the temperature on and off, and up or down.

Once the initial technical challenges are overcome, Michelle sees potential markets for other clothes and accessories such as hats, scarves ear muffs and other clothing.

“I love being creative, meeting new people and seeing how innovative we can be with technology to improve and enhance our lives. My aim is to also incorporate technology with fashion because when we look good, we feel good!”

After some initial funding from Innovate UK for the research and development behind the prototype, she is applying for larger Innovate UK investment, which if successful will require to be match funded by private investors.

Michelle is enthused by the opportunities in the city’s growing enterprise sector and welcomes the arrival of Manchester Tech Trust with its mission to connect businesses like Made With Glove with private backers.

MTT’s Chief Executive Peter Lusty has already provided much-needed support to her in the early stages.

“Peter has really opened doors for me. He has been fantastic at introducing me to a wide range of people.

“I can really see the value of Manchester Tech Trust as a way of reaching the potential investors who I would otherwise be unaware of, and I think it’s a great boost to Manchester’s tech enterprise scene.”