The Northern Powerhouse

29 October 2015 - 4:54pm

 Since it became the powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester has been at the forefront of technology and development – the first passenger railway, the first omnibus, the first industrial canal, and Alan Turing’s first commercial computer. With a rich intellectual and cultural history – the Hallé Orchestra, Coronation Street and Factory Records – world class universities and globally famous football teams, Manchester is a unique place which enjoys enormous recognition internationally.

More recently we have seen massive investment in education and research as well as the arts:

  • National Graphene Institute - £61M
  • Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre - £60M
  • Sir Henry Royce Institute - £232M
  • Whitworth Art Gallery - £12M
  • Museum of Science and Industry - £3M
  • HOME Manchester - £25M
  • The Factory Manchester - £78M

These will create a huge, beneficial knock on effect for companies involved in many kinds of R&D activity including tech, as well as huge opportunities in the supply chain. This, combined with a vibrant cultural scene, will create perfect conditions for the next tech cluster and for Manchester to be a leading light of the Northern Powerhouse.

How can we take advantage and promote Manchester?

Where Cambridge has succeeded in building a strong profile it has done this initially through the creation of strong and extensive networks across business, the universities, investors and the city council – the Cambridge Network and later the Cambridge Wireless Network. Manchester must do the same but playing to its strengths of industrial heritage, world class industries and leading academic institutions.

MTT has a shared excitement and genuine enthusiasm for all the great things we see going on. There are many high quality organisations and impressive, passionate individuals all, in their own way, promoting tech enterprise in Manchester.

The Greater Manchester city region has many natural advantages over London and other European cities and is the obvious location for the next major tech cluster:

  • Manchester has world class universities which lead in technology and science
  • It has one of the largest student populations in Europe
  • Recruitment and retention of technology staff is easier and lower cost than the south east
  • Overheads, particularly rents and, business rates are materially cheaper
  • It is a great place to live and work with affordable property
  • Transport in and to the city is good and getting better
  • It has a rich cultural heritage spanning football, science and music
  • Close to the Peak District and other National Parks, it offers great recreational opportunities
  • Manchester has a spark and an attitude