The Manchester Tech Manifesto

1. Create the most collaborative environment in Europe to start, grow and sustain a great technology business

As a business led community we will support businesses and public sector agencies to promote Manchester as the place to do technology business, to start a new business, to invest in the best new ideas, all building on Manchester’s status as the original modern city, a centre of enterprise and the home of ground-breaking discoveries, ideas and inventions.

Manchester Tech Trust will:

  • Be a ‘super-connector’, linking up investors, drawn to the city’s growing economic development and the Northern Powerhouse, with the city’s start-ups, among them businesses spun out of its world leading universities.
  • Connect early stage companies and entrepreneurs with mentors who will give practical and relevant advice and also signpost incubator and start-up spaces.
  • Promote education and training and encourage research into skill levels and skills gaps and the actions required to alleviate them.
  • Support good technology ideas to become great technology businesses through the application of quality targeted advice and the input of capital investment.
  • Build a strong mesh of local networks connecting groups and individuals in business, education and the public sector.
  • Provide an information gateway to share news, knowledge, information and ideas on how to pursue the goal of making Manchester the greatest city to build a technology business.
  • Capture business data, case studies and insights to help the city to develop as THE destination for business accelerators as well as tech companies wishing to relocate.
  • Build closer links with other tech communities internationally to understand key growth factors and trends.

2. Build the smartest and best connected technology city in Europe by 2020

  • Campaign to build the best infrastructure to support developing businesses in the city region, through faster connectivity, smarter buildings and flexible workspaces.
  • Support the efforts of trade organisations and business groups to seek government and state funding and project support.
  • Reinforce and build more links between Manchester’s universities and the business and the finance community – both to define a path to starting a business or highlighting where the jobs are, and as the best place to spin out business IP and ideas.
  • Improve the quality of investable propositions in Manchester to become the best-supported and best-presented business ideas with global reach and genuine ambition.
  • Champion business education and training and work with partners to indentify and remedy skills gaps.
  • Promote Manchester globally to reinforce the message that Manchester is a great place to seek investors and to invest from outside the city.
  • Trumpet the achievements of Manchester’s technology businesses at every opportunity.

3. Enrich the lives of Greater Manchester’s citizens through the application of technology and sustainable wealth creation

The higher purpose of Manchester’s technology development is creating a brighter, better and richer future for the next generation, to create employment opportunities and personal development life chances for Manchester’s children and young people.

By bridging the development of technology business and technology culture, Manchester Tech Trust will promote a culture of risk and enterprise in the city.