Owner Media Clarity

Jonny Kidd

Jonny Kidd- Media agency owner with 20 years TV buying experience working in the UK, US and Australia at ITV, Cable TV and Time Warner.

After working at ITV1 Granada for 4 years Jonny set up Media Clarity in 2006 to work with ‘challenger brands’ aiming to use TV advertising to leverage their brands into the mainstream often to increase sales or to sell the business!

Jonny works with local businesses using TV for the first time and international business spending millions across the UK and beyond. Specializing in buying ‘traditional media’ like radio, posters and TV alongside digital agencies and their offerings.

Jonny has been mentoring and investing in businesses around the North West since 2014. A happily married father of two and keen Huddersfield Town fan enjoying the best football he’s seen down there in his 42 years!!!

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