Founder Gritstone Studios

Rachel Evatt

Rachel is a founder, creator and internet professional. She co-founded a travel start-up, Zoombu, which was acquired by Skyscanner in 2010, after which she was part of the Skyscanner leadership team for seven years. During this time Skyscanner grew from 50 people in a single office to close to 1000 people located all over the world and grew x40 in valuation.

At Skyscanner, Rachel established and led the Product Team for three years and then moved into general Business Operations, spending time transforming Marketing into an automated and lean-start-up Growth engine.Rachel was part of the $1.7 billion acquisition of Skyscanner by the online travel agency CTrip in 2016.

Rachel recently left Skyscanner to found another venture, Gritstone Studios, which is developing a sound based mobile app called Around Sound (that helps people collect, revisit and share audio memories and sound clips). The company has raised seed funding and is currently working on proving product-market fit before expanding the business.

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